Site Management & Security

When premises are vacant or void or disused it is at a high risk of being vandalised, squatters, intruders, and other trespassers. At BCL Services, when we clear a site or carry out a decommissioning project, we can provide 24x7 security on site in order to deliver the projects safely, efficiently, on time, compliantly and within the agreed budget.

We secure vulnerable sites against unlawful entry by boarding up or fencing, and employing our own SIA licensed staff to manage the site and support existing project team members. As well as a great visual deterrent, our security guards also act as rapid response solution, combating potential and genuine security threats. We can also provide dog handling units on client’s request, or where high security is required.

We can tailor our security services as per the client’s requirements.

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Specialist Services

Site clearance.

Identification and removal of all non-fixed items and separation of materials for recycling.

Confidential waste disposal/ Secure Shredding.

Processing and recycling equipment/ skip hire.

Removal and disposal of large fixed plant like generators, pumps, etc. and emptying fuel tanks safely.

Auction of machinery and manufacturing equipment, resale and recovery of other assets.

Isolation of electricity and water supply (Fully qualified electricians & plumbers).

24x7 on-site security to prevent unlawful entry including vandalism, intruders and squatters by boarding-up and fencing. SIA Licensed staff, Dog handlers also available on request.

Why choose us for your Factory or Warehouse clearance?

  • We work seven days a week and cover the whole of the UK for factory clearance.
  • We have a progressive environmental policy, use pro-recycling sites.
  • We hold full public liability insurance for factory clearance.
  • We use our own large lorries and wagons to get the job done on time.
  • We provide all waste transfer notes & waste disposal receipts.
  • Full factory clearance risk assessment.
  • We comply with all Health and Safety at Work Regulations.
  • ISO accredited specifier for building clearance.

Contact us for a free consultation

BCL offers a comprehensive, legally compliant and cost effective service for the clearance and decommissioning of void buildings and sites.

Call us on 01686 411 006 or email

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  • Securing all external doors and changing all locks.
  • Replacing or boarding up all broken windows.
  • Provision of 24x7 security personnel (SIA Licensed).
  • Provision of dog handling units.
  • Provision of mobile patrols.
  • Heras fencing hire and set-up.
  • Car park security management.
  • Logging all visits with date, time and identity of visitors.
  • Promoting health & safety on-site.
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